DoubleDate Still


The Double Date



Rayzor has set up a blind date for himself and Rudy with some girl's he has met on Craigslist . Rudy is pampering himself and getting his hair done while Rayzor tries to decide what to wear.

Later when the duo meet up outside the restaurant they realize they are dressed in identical outfits. Rudy is embarrassed and annoyed, Rayzor is excited. The head waiter from the restaurant then emerges, dressed the same as Rudy and Ray, and mistakes them for two new members of the wait staff. He assigns them jobs and goes back to his duties. Just then one of the girls from the date arrives. She is actually a he. A man in drag . He/She asks about a reservation under the name Rudy and explains that her date will be in a red shirt. Realizing they are all dressed alike Rudy and Rayzor point her towards the head waiter and then make a run for it.


  • Rudy - Patrick Bither
  • Rayzor - Thomas Schiller
  • Head Waiter - Kevin 'Deck' Pipchick
  • Girl/Tranny - Kyle Liggon