RUSS BEEF is a character in the online comedy series This Day Sucks. He is portrayed by Russell Senk.

Beef debuts in The Hot Intern.

Russ Beef


Russell "Russ Beef" is a ginger kid with shifty eyes and a big smile. He's Rudy's best friend at work and is overall an honest guy, despite his porn addiction. Beef shares Rudy's feeling of hatred for their job, a strong dislike of Nigel, and an appreciation for women and beer. Russ Beef also always has a good story to share.

In The Hot Intern Beef helps motivate Rudy to make a move on Amber. He also shows his porn addiction as he has magazines hidden in files and folders in his work area. Beef even brings one into the bathroom with him to 'enjoy'. In this episode Beef is also shown to love fantasy sports.


  • Russ' field of work, company's name, and position are never mentioned.
  • In real life, Russ is known as 'Russ Beef' to the TDS Crew. He got the name from his love of roast beef sandwiches.