THE EMPTY APARTMENT is the fourth webisode of Season 1 from the comedy web series This Day Sucks.



Rudy in the empty apartment

The webisode begins with Rudy relaxing and watching TV in his apartment. Rayzor tells Rudy he is heading outto go clubbing .... as in hitting homeless people with a wooden club. Rudy questions Rayzor about how long he will be gone for and Ray responds it will hopefully be a few hours at least. Upon Rayzor leaving the apartment Rudy looks very excited.

Rudy then gathers hand lotion, tissues, a DVD, dims the lights, and lights a few candles. He gets comfortable under a blanket and begins to watch the unknown DVD, presumably porn.

Rayzor abruptly returns and a shocked Rudy quickly tried to hide the evidence of his actions. Rayzor comes in and is angry and disturbed to walk in on what he thinks to be Rudy masturbating. Rudy quickly explains it's not what it looks like. He then admits he had been watching a musical, West Side Story.

At first Rayzor appears to be relieved to know Rudy wasn't pleasuring himself on the couch. It then sinks it that he was watching a musical and Rayzor explodes into a 0blinded by rage. He goes into a tirade screaming at Rudy about how musicals "are not representative of real life" and rips apart the DVD remote with his bare hands. He then swears there will be no more musicals in their apartment and leaves to cool off.


  • Rudy - Patrick Bither
  • Rayzor - Thomas Schiller