Rayzor, Anastasia, and Rudy

THE PARTY POOPER is the fifth webisode of Season 1 from the comedy web series This Day Sucks.


The webisode begins with Rayzor alone in the apartment playing drinking games. Rudy and Russ Beef enter and Rudy tells Ray that he's invited up the cute girl form the third floor, Anastasia, to party. They guys bang out a quick party, pound some brews, and take a few shots.

Rudy tries to make small talk and flirt with Anastasia, but Rayzor keeps cutting him off or interrupting him with a drinking game. Throughout the game it is clear Rudy is being forced to drink the most. Russ Beef excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Rayzor and Anastasia begin to make small talk.

The night progresses much the same way. Rudy drinks more and more, Ray gets more comfortable with Anastasia, and Russ Beef spends most of the evening on the toilet conducting business, making travel plans, drinking, and even having dinner with wine.

Eventually Rudy has drank all he can and urgently needs to urinate. He desperately bangs on the door, but Russ Beef is still in there. A drunken Rudy finally passes out on the floor outside the bathroom. Russ Beef emerges and shakes his head. Rayzor and Anastasia then step over Rudy and spot the urine stain on his pants. Rayzor tells Rudy he needs to drink one more time because he stole his girl. Ray and Anastasia go into Ray's bedroom while Rudy is left laying in the hallway in a puddle of his own pee.


  • Rudy - Patrick Bither
  • Rayzor - Thomas Schiller
  • Russ Beef - Russell Senk
  • Anastasia - Theresa Peterson